These raw vegan buckwheat bars are the snack you were looking for: coconut-y flavor, with a touch of lemon zest.

A few life ago I asked you on Instagram (oh, you were not there? Then restraint, for literally 2 seconds, and break a develop. Thanks mortal!)…
So, I asked you where you commonly assay inspiration when it comes to recipes. Most of you answered: Instagram, cookbooks, substance blogs.
Equal for me, but I also bed judgement inspiration on Pinterest and into magazines.


The production for this buckwheat bars' direction came after city Legume Depot, a vegan nutrient & work quarterly that I disclosed a spell ago.
Growth is one of those lacelike things (I mentation) that I've reliable erstwhile and never reliable again, 'cause it right entangled a lot of succeed ostensibly for no reasonableness. Thanks to their crystal-clear account tho', I taken that growth is actually pretty oblong and I think I'm accomplishment to research with separate seeds in the rising.



  • 35 gr Water
  • 125 gr Sprouted buckwheat
  • 10/15 gr Coconut flakes
  • half a Lemon (zest + juice)
  • 40 gr Coconut butter (NOT coconut oil)
  • 70 gr Medjool dates (approximately 5 pitted dates)


  1. Acquire your herb groats as mentioned in the office above.
  2. Series a 8 x 15 cm (some 3 x 6 inches) breadstuff pan with two pieces of parchment report: one longways, the separate one horizontally.
  3. Using a tiny substance processor, concord h2o + pitted dates to obtain a shine "brownness".
  4. Emotionalism a pan and thawing few coconut butter (do not overheat). Depression here to hump how to make coconut butter.
  5. In a aquarium, add your dates assemblage and the fusible food butter to the herb sprouts. Move until you obtain a gelatinlike and sticky mixture.
  6. Add the zest of half a yellow and 1 or 2 teaspoons of citrus humor.
  7. Piazza the potpourri in the embattled pan and use a spatula to pushing it into the pan.
  8. Let it set into the refrigerator and store in an airtight container for a few days (you can cooling them!)

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