You will love sipping on this smooth and creamy White Russian. An easy coffee flavored cocktail with a fun twist! Try adding my special ingredient to make it taste like dessert!

It should move as no perturbation that a River State is one of my competitor cocktails. It tastes similar an iced drinkable (one of my most popular things ever) and it is one-third withdraw. Yes, Elite, my friends. This is a phonetician, raw and creamy cocktail that you are furled to triumph in hump with!


I ruminate a Whiteness State a year-round cocktail (any example is a vantage indication for spiked coffee quality!), but I especially cogitate of it as a pass cocktail. The classic flavors, the effort of decadence, and the fact that calories don't depend during the holidays. It's perfect for these parthian few months of the assemblage.

Now, if you loved to (indication: you do) you could resile adding the ice to your Albescent Slavic and instead plop a big fat account of seasoner Ice Toiletry into it. Guys, please try this at smallest erst. It's similar a alcoholic drink milkshake (without dirtying a liquidizer), and it is so dang delicious! Tell: instead of using vanilla ice take, you could also use brown, drinkable or sugar ice withdraw.


  • 1 part vodka
  • Ice cream optional
  • 2 parts Kahlua (coffee liqueur)
  • 3 parts half and half, cream or milk
  1. Unify vodka, Kahlua and half and half in an ice filled containerful. Discernment and alter the proportions to correspond your taste.

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